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Larry Turner
Malin, Oregon

Larry Turner is a longtime contributor to RANGE magazine with 20 covers to his credit. His work has appeared in National Geographic Traveler,
Travel and Leisure, Gourmet, American Heritage and numerous books and international and national calendars through Browntrout Publishers and Avalanche Publishers. He is co-author of "Mount Shasta Reflections" and co-owner of the online travel magazine

His images are available through or Turner is an avid downhill skier, fly-fisherman, gardener and adventurer. Turner resides in his hometown of Malin, Oregon.

Chrissy King
Midas, Nevada

Chrissy King began seeing the world in a new perspective back in grade school when she learned color was light. That led to a love for “capturing moments in time.”

She married a cowboy, Jerry, who introduced her to a new and enchanting lifestyle. They lived on large ranches and at humble cow camps and the magnificent open spaces of the western states only spurred her desire to capture the people and places in ranch country.

Jerry is the only buckaroo at the Squaw Valley Ranch in remote central Nevada. He takes care of several thousand grass heifers, including all doctoring, fence maintenance and moving cows for rotational grazing.
“I do the maintenance, clean the cookhouse and occasionally cook for day workers,” Chrissy says. “And I home-school the boys.

”Chrissy finds inspiring scenes to document and cherishes the memories. She prefers to capture the life and the style as the cowboys live it, and avoids posed pictures. “I am honored to photograph people of such character and integrity in the small communities spread throughout buckaroo country.”

Carolyn Fox
Jackson, California

Carolyn’s first camera was a plastic Brownie. As a teen, she advanced to an Instamatic, then a Yashica—“none of which I had mastered.” When she turned 40, she took a photography class at Columbia College in Tuolumne County, California. “I fell in with a bunch of field trip addicts and I began to see the world. This consisted mostly of the Mojave Desert and one great trip 275 miles through the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River in a rubber raft.”

Her work has appeared in Sierra Heritage Magazine, Nevada Magazine, Sunset Magazine and RANGE.
More of her work can be seen at Contact her via e-mail, or
phone 209-223-2881.